Custom Made Furniture




custom made furnitureRimas Interiors custom made furniture is renowned for its quality workmanship, attention to detail and innovation.


custom made furnitureRimas Interiors imports the finest furniture from all around the globe. With us you receive prestigious products to add to your space.

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custom made furnitureWe have an eye for design and the ability to capture your innate style through interior design. Whether your home’s aesthetic is grand or you prefer a streamlined space.

Exclusive custom made furniture, imported furniture and interior consultants

With over two decades of experience, Rimas Interiors is renowned for innovative, opulent, fashionable and luxurious custom made furniture. We are a prestigious name in the interior design industry, a brand synonymous with elegance and exclusivity. Our team’s close attention to detail, warm customer relationships and passion to deliver top-class results sets us apart in the industry. Rimas Interiors is not merely a business but rather a team of dedicated interior furniture designers, artisans and consultants. We create art for your home, from custom-made home theatre furniture to expertly crafted dining room tables. Rimas Interiors captures your style through our interior furniture designs.

Custom-Made Furniture KwaZulu Natal

Our company offers a comprehensive selection of specialised services and bespoke interior furniture design, manufactured using state of the art machinery. Our experienced team produce the finest locally manufactured furniture, complete with professional installation services.

Exclusive Imported Furniture

Not only do we offer custom made furniture solutions, we also provide the finest imported furniture. Our team are up to date with international furniture design trends, with our finger placed firmly on the pulse of the industry. We travel the globe to bring only the highest quality imported furniture. Rimas Interiors is known for its style, unmatched customer service, attention to detail and quality products.

Glasskote Accreditation

Rimas Interiors is a licensed applicator of Glasskote. The Glasskote application offers a 10 year warranty against peeling, cracking or bubbling of painted glass.